Step 1: Collecting Sample hair

a. Clean the scissors with alcohol wipes (70/30 alcohol proportion).

b. Choose a Long lean peel of hair sample (which must be equal to the dia of a pencil when kept in a collection Foil) and remove the hair sample as close to the skin of head as possible. The sample can be collected from any sides of the head.

A minimum of 90 to 120 strips of hair are needed. Collect more in case you have a short hair(less than 1.5 inches) or an extremely thin one. If you are a person with short hair means collect the samples from different parts of your head.

Step 2: Arranging the Hair Sample

a. The hair sample must be placed in such a way that the root end of the hair touches the bottom of the collection foil where it has a marking a. PLACE ROOT END HERE. (Fig. A)

b. Press down the tab end above the root edges of the collected sample. (Fig. B)

c. Hold the root ends together along with the collection foil and straighten the hair lengthwise as shown in the image. (Fig. C)

d. Wrap the collection foil together as shown in figure. (Fig .C)

e. Repeat the above step along lengthwise. (Fig. E)

Step 3: Posting your sample

a. Keep the collection foil with the collected samples inside the Hair Specimen Envelope. Secure the envelope with the security label given to you. (Fig. A)

b. The specimen ID card should be kept in a secure place. It will be serving as a future reference for ID Number and Passcode for getting the results.

c. Validate the collected Hair sample by entering signature and date over the Security Label.

d. Next step is, place the validated hair sample envelope inside the Clear Pouch provided to you.

e. Now take the pre-paid shipping Mailer and place the sealed pouch inside it.

The Sample is set for shipment now.

Step 4: Attaining the Results.

Once all the above procedures are done, the next thing you have to do is to register your test at to attain the results. While registering make sure that you have the Specimen ID Number, Passcode and email address with you.

It will take two working days to receive your results.

Lab proceeding time will differ after receiving your hair sample foils by them.

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